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Episode 51 - Chris Waddell, 1 Revolution

Episode 51 - Chris Waddell, 1 Revolution

November 19, 2019

Paralympic Champion Chris Waddell joined me this afternoon and we discussed his amazing life. Chris was a college athlete (Middlebury College) in 1988 when he fell while skiing and sustained a back injury which rendered him paraplegic. Within a year of the accident he was back on skis (mono-ski) and continued to be part of the Middlebury College ski team. Chris went on to become a highly decorated paralympic champion in both the winter AND summer paralympic games. In 2006 Chris retired as a professional athlete and embarked on a journey to deliver a new message by creating a re-newed identity. He summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2009 and re-discovered himself. His story is truly inspirational and a testament to the human spirit. 

Thank you for your "failures" Chris. You're quite a loser! 

Episode 50 - Let’s Get Updated: James, Chase and Pete

Episode 50 - Let’s Get Updated: James, Chase and Pete

November 12, 2019

“Talk with Ted – A Show About Nothing”

Episode 50 – Let’s Get Updated, James Hadlock, Chase Hansen and Pete Miller

Aired: 11/12/19, 1640AM, Ktalkmedia, Salt Lake City, Utah.

This was a busy (overbooked) show, but Skye Lazaro and I managed to piece it together. We discussed mental health, Veterans’ Court, homelessness, fishing and the Huntsman Foundation’s enormous (150M) gift to the University of Utah toward the treatment of mental health.

James and Alicia Hadlock joined us for the first hour. They founded BluNovus, a Utah company which proactively addresses mental health in the workplace by helping HR departments better understand how to deal with people in crisis and addiction.

Chase Hansen returned to update us about Kid Labs and his efforts to eradicate homelessness. Chase introduced us to Jesse Campbell (Executive Director at Life on the Line) who explained how fishing changed his life and how he’s using it to change other lives as well.

Finally, Pete Miller joined us from Ohio and explained how he was creating a network to help veterans, law enforcement and other first responders with PTSD, TBI, suicide and Veterans’ Treatment Court.


Episode 49 – Rachel Anne Cox, A Light from the Ashes

Episode 49 – Rachel Anne Cox, A Light from the Ashes

November 5, 2019

Aired: 11/5/19, 1640AM, Ktalkmedia, Salt Lake City

Weber State University English Professor Rachel Anne Cox joined me to discuss her new dystopian novel A Light from the Ashes in which "society has devolved into a pre-industrial agrarian world devoid of electricity and personal freedom." We discussed history, literature, censorship, Fahrenheit 451, teaching, writing, publishing and politics.

My buddy Andy Brown joined me for a couple of segments and we discussed Bitcoin’s past, present and potential future.

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