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Episode 95 - Manny Ohonme and Husaya Hama - Coming to America!

Episode 95 - Manny Ohonme and Husaya Hama - Coming to America!

October 27, 2020

Manny Ohonme joined me to discuss his journey from Nigeria to North Carolina, with a stop in North Dakota where he played hoops and maximized the value of his college scholarship.

In 2003, after re-visiting the extreme poverty in his homeland, Manny set out on a mission to provide “shoes as the foundation to a spiritual and healthy life resulting in the advancement of education and economic opportunities.” Samaritan’s Feet and its partners have distributed over 7.5 million pairs of shoes in 108 countries and over 420 U.S. cities.

We talked about conflict, history, Nigeria, peaceful protest, corporate sponsors and fundraising. Manny shared some sobering stats about shoeless children and described how easy it is for you to help.

Husaya Hama (pictured) joined me for the second hour. I met Husaya on a hiking trail and invited him on the show to discuss his journey from Sudan to Utah (through Washington State). Husaya talked about the struggle to find his identity after his family won a lottery in 1999 allowing them to escape war violence and enter the U.S. - American culture. He tells a story about getting his shoes stepped on and noting that his response (indifference) didn’t sit well with his new “friends” who expected him to feel, and act, more disrespected if he expected to “fit in.” (confusing, right?)  After running with the wrong crowd for a bit, Husaya's back on the right path and is fortunate to call Utah home. He’s a newlywed (9/10/20) and is working on building his family’s future.

Visit to help.

Episode 94 - Antifa vs.QAnon, The Robot Wars!

Episode 94 - Antifa vs.QAnon, The Robot Wars!

October 20, 2020

Hmmm, yesterday while I was talking about censorship the FBLive feed to my radio show stopped working. Maybe it's because I was talking about Antifa and QAnon. If that's what it was, Mark Zuckerberg (the machine) should have listened to the entire show, instead of cutting off the live feed after 30 minutes. He (it) might have learned something that didn't fit the "profile."

Stupid computers! 

Photo by Annie Spratt at Unsplashed


Episode 93 - Tobias Beckwith, A Wizard!

Episode 93 - Tobias Beckwith, A Wizard!

October 13, 2020

I managed to conjure up Tobias Beckwith’s appearance in Salt Lake City this past week through the Spirit of Radio. It was a pretty simple trick. (1. invite, 2. provide call-in number, 3. answer phone, 4. listen.)

Tobias is an author, consultant, teacher, manager and faculty member at McBride's Magic and Mystery School. We spoke about his book, The Wizard’s Way, which examines commonalities among transformational people and tools for incorporating those characteristics into your own life.

This show is sort of hard to described. We shuffled through a bunch of topics, including the secrets of magic, mirroring, radical responsibility, autosuggestion and re-programming your memory through magic.

(Re-programming someone’s memory to trigger a different emotional response? C’mon Tobias, are we really supposed to believe that’s possible?)

Oh, I almost forgot. We also spoke about techniques to improve your memory and how to overcome limiting beliefs.



Episode 92 - Vote Julie Jackson, Granite School Board

Episode 92 - Vote Julie Jackson, Granite School Board

October 12, 2020

Local politician Julie Jackson knocked on my door a couple of weeks ago and asked whether I'd place a sign in my front yard supporting her campaign for a position on the Granite School Board. I chatted with her for a few minutes, told her I'd do a little more research, invited her on my podcast and took the sign inside before promising to commit.

The next day I put the sign up.

Yesterday I caught up with Julie again. We talked about local politics, public schools, special education plans, on-line learning, as well as her experiences/perspectives as an educator and mother. (She has four students of her own at home.)

It's that time of year again, and it was real "treat" getting to know Julie.


Episode 91: Kristen Cox, Stop Decorating the Fish

Episode 91: Kristen Cox, Stop Decorating the Fish

October 6, 2020

Former executive director of the Utah Governor’s Office of Management and Budget Kristen Cox joined me yesterday to discuss her life story and experiences in applying the Theory of Constraints to government. She describes the government procurement processes (RFP vs. emergency spending powers) and how our state (Utah) maximized efficiency and effectiveness in an environment of heightened demand and dwindling resources.

Kris is an author (Stop Decorating the Fish) educator (Professor UofU), consultant and founder of The Fulcrum, “a one-of-a-kind community of cutting-edge leaders and practitioners from around the globe that are all going for it.  We share.  We learn.  We support.  We bring out the best in one another.”

We discussed the public’s expectations of government, civil discourse, mandates vs. incentives, traffic, public transportation, the press, manufacturing, pollution, Tesla, recycling and the potential for the rebound effect - cheaper costs resulting in greater consumption.

I start the show talking about the upcoming VP debate here in Salt Lake City and taking a look back at Geraldine Ferraro being called a “witch” before her 1984 debate with VP George Bush.

Wow, time flies!

Seems like 1984 was just yesterday . . . or today for that matter. 

Episode 90 - Melissa Moss, Second Chance 4 Youth

Episode 90 - Melissa Moss, Second Chance 4 Youth

October 4, 2020

Second Chance 4 Youth CEO Melissa Moss joined me to discuss the Utah based non-profit program founded by Superbowl Champion and Republican nominee for Utah's 4th congressional district Burgess Owens.

SC4Y is dedicated to helping incarcerated youth during their post release phase. 

"SC4Y provides the tools, support, environment and post-incarceration career opportunities to those seeking to be productive citizens. Highlighted throughout this initiative is the recognition of the blessing of being an America, where the concept of second chances is innate and within the core of its DNA."

To support its mission Second Chance 4 Youth relies on its corporate sponsors, private donations, volunteers and special annual events.

We need volunteers to serve as mentors and money to help support the program.

Follow the lead of companies like Perry Homes, Hamlet Homes and The Sagamore Institute and donate today!    




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