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About “The Show about Nothing”

February 23, 2020

I started my talk radio show in late 2018 on 1640AM Radio in Salt Lake City, Utah. To my delight, the show has thrived in bringing a more liberal audience to Utah’s longest running “conservative” talk radio station, facilitating “common ground” between competing political, social and religious interests. The show aims to eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness, addiction, poverty and other pressing social challenges, by encouraging and highlighting positive corporate culture. I blend history, popular culture, music, literature and law, and the show organically facilitates open dialogue, creates new perspectives and applies ancient philosophical principles to current events.

I invite myriad guests who (as I tell my daughter) are “good people - doing good things.”

As a former trial attorney, I have unique skills and perspectives that help others tell their full story. I’ve interviewed politicians, scholars, authors, professional athletes, researchers and documentary film makers.

My guests have included:

Jessica Mass - Director of Aftercare, Operation Underground Railroad
Stuart Goffman - Executive Producer, A&E’s Addiction Unplugged
Rob Moolman – Executive Director, Utah Pride
Kristen Ulmer - Professional Skier/Author “The Art of Fear”
Amos Guiora - University of Utah Law Professor/Author 
Dave Damschen – Utah State Treasurer
Joan Mulholland – Civil Rights Activist
Manny Ohonme – Executive Director, Samaritan’s Feet
Robert W. Turner - Former NFL Athlete/Author
Alema Harrington - Utah Jazz Announcer/Recovery Counselor
Bill Bayno - Assistant Coach Indiana Pacers

I’m interested in soliciting sponsorships from corporations, non-profits and charitable foundations to support this project.

If you have a story, cause or mission that you would like highlighted on the show, contact me at

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