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Episode 79 - Brad Schreiber, Music is Power

Episode 79 - Brad Schreiber, Music is Power

August 5, 2020

Brad Schreiber's introduction to his book, Music is Power: Popular Songs, Social Justice and the Will to Change, states:

"Music is sound waves. It is energy made entertaining, mathematics in
service to the human ear. It is power—but not just sonic power or power
in consumer currency or the power to evoke an emotional response or
memory. Music, when it is crafted to address the ills of the world, becomes a special kind of force."

Brad joined me from his home in California and we rapped about music  (Joe Hill, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, Ozzy Osbourne and Rush (of course)), as well as history, politics, social change, Covid-19, symbolism, big money, etc.  

I start the show discussing my break from social media, a two month roadtrip across the country and the origin of the term "hippie."


Episode 78 - Tracy Neal and Michael Doleac, Poetry and Physics!

Episode 78 - Tracy Neal and Michael Doleac, Poetry and Physics!

May 26, 2020

Traci Neal isn’t only inspirational, she’s funny too. Traci is a poet, cook and so much more, including a teacher.

Former NBA Champion and University of Utah legend Mike Doleac joined me for the second hour and reminisced about his glory days. He’s considering “home school” this fall if things don’t change.


Episode 77 - Jason Van Camp and Jeramy Lund, War Stories!

Episode 77 - Jason Van Camp and Jeramy Lund, War Stories!

May 19, 2020

                I’m taking the liberty of blending some of Jason’s story (Author, Deliberate Discomfort) with my own.


                I was uncomfortable.

                There was no denying it. Unnerved, stressed, under pressure, what-ever you wanted to call it. That was, of course, by design.

                I was at the crossroads of “how the hell did I get here?” and “what will happen next?”


                I reached for my M60 and immediately began panicking when I realized it felt light. It struck me - I’d forgotten to load my weapon before (tandem) jumping out of the C-5 into this place with Commander Van Camp. 

                Instinct took over. I jumped to my feet and began running across the beach while yelling “Don’t Shoot, Don’t Shoot!” I made it to the cliff, looked back, saw nobody and asked myself “where the hell is Commander Van Camp?" and "what will he do next?"


                Jeramy Lund, Managing Director at Sorenson Impact Institute joined me for the second hour and shared some war stories of his own – literally.

Episode 76 - Andy Beerman, President Park City HOA

Episode 76 - Andy Beerman, President Park City HOA

May 13, 2020

Park City Mayor Andy Beerman joined me this afternoon and shared some of his history, both personal and professional. Andy served on the City Counsel before responding to a call from former-Mayor Dana Williams to run himself.  In October of 2017 the City Council of Park City voted unanimously to approve a net-zero energy performance requirements for all municipal buildings and facilities. According to the City’s website, “[a]s of 2017, we are offsetting approximately half of our electricity consumption with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) through our utility. Our goal is to bring new renewables online to power 100% of our municipal operations by 2022, and hence bring our Scope 2 emissions to zero. In the meantime, we are electrifying our bus fleet, which temporarily raises our footprint, but will drop it to zero once the renewables come online.”

Andy shared his passion about Park City, the environment, history, climbing, philosophy and the old Wednesday evening concerts in the Park, next to the old Miner’s Hospital. He also spoke candidly about the uncertain challenges we face, and optimistically about those same things.

I started the show discussing my 1997 move to Utah, moose(s) sightings and a 1986 United States Department of Interior Nomination Form - National Register Historic Places (Ecker Hill Ski Jump, Summit County, Utah).


Episode 75 - Miss Right and Mr. Crowley

Episode 75 - Miss Right and Mr. Crowley

May 12, 2020

Katie Wright seems to know what’s right when it comes to coordinating philanthropic efforts. Katie serves as Executive Director at Park City Community Foundation.  According to her Linkedin bio: "I’m dedicated to the nonprofit sector, where I believe that innovation, collaboration and data-driven strategies can change lives - and communities - for the better. I have proven successes tackling complex issues such as climate change and education and practical experience in nonprofit essentials such as fundraising, grant making, and project management.” We spoke about PCCF’s role in addressing the urgent needs of those critically impacted by the Covid-19 virus.

Patrick Crowley founder at Chapul joined us for the second hour. According to his Linkedin bio: “In 2019 I launched Chapul Farms as a way to continue growing the regenerative potential of insects to bio-convert food and ag waste into healthy foods and microbial rich soil. We work with selected domestic and international insect farms to scale their operations and provide the highest quality insect products to B2C and B2B markets. As project developers, we are building some of the world's largest insect farms, focused on un-compromising sustainability metrics. I've been interviewed and quoted by CNN, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, and has spoken from TEDx, University, and International stages.”

I started the show talking about Jaws, the U.S.S. Indianapolis and a little military history.

Episode 74 - A chat(bot) with Bassam Salem

Episode 74 - A chat(bot) with Bassam Salem

May 7, 2020

AtlasRTX CEO Bassam Salem joined me this morning and we chatted old-school style - cell phone/blue tooth, no video, that is. Bassam shared some of his remarkable story which includes growing up in Cairo, Paris and a small town in Great Britain before his family scored an apartment on the east side of Salt Lake City in 1986. He launched his company in 2015 and is implementing AI (which I now understand a little better) in ways to help companies provide better services. We spoke about his family’s journey to success and how lucky he feels to be living (and working) in Park City, Utah.

I started the show discussing the morning news (Headline: Sundance Film Festival possible site of early COVID-19 outbreak) and wondering why it is that I can get a haircut down here (Salt Lake County), which I desperately need, but not up there (Summit County).


Episode 73 - Todd Astill and Davis Smith, Skippers!

Episode 73 - Todd Astill and Davis Smith, Skippers!

May 5, 2020

Yesterday I caught up with teammate (Summit Commerce Covid Collective) Todd Astill and fantasized about building a custom home in Park City, Utah. Todd is the CEO of Nerve.TV which “offers a unique, simple and cost-effective approach to everything technology related. In addition to the traditional audio/video distribution, theater and control systems we offer green solutions such as lighting control, automated shades, networking, telecom and video conferencing.”

After a bit we caught up with Davis Smith, CEO of Cotopaxi. (And, we didn’t have to go into the jungle to find him, which was comforting.)  Davis is working with the State of Utah to bring PPE into our trenches. He shared memories (lessons) from his “homeschool” and explained the motivation behind his B corporation.

Turns out these guys have crossed paths before. (Small state – approx. 3 mil.)

I could really use a new back-pack . . .


Episode 72 - Kyler Alm, A (Florence, MT) Cowboy!

Episode 72 - Kyler Alm, A (Florence, MT) Cowboy!

April 30, 2020

After giving his fair share of “good hits” playing football with the boys, Kyler Alm decided that he couldn’t risk taking another one himself.  Toward the end of the 2018 season he suffered a whiplash injury (subdermal hematoma) and was placed under close observation in the ICU. Kyler explains how the hematoma, and his comeback in 2019, each dissipated on their own. But those setbacks haven’t held him back. He’s finishing high school next month and is starting an apprenticeship with Western States Fire Inspection. He’s welding a ten-year plan into shape. We discussed his family life in Montana, which includes lumbar yards, cattle, alfalfa and rodeos. Seems like the only thing he’s missing is the prom. Too bad he doesn’t have a date, . . . because he has a date . . . and a suit! (I’m envisioning a big buckle and cowboy boots to dress it up a bit.)

I was a little nervous starting the show, in part because it’s a sensitive topic – the KKK that is. I reviewed Art Raymond’s article in yesterday’s Deseret News regarding Banjo CEO Damien Patton’s past ties with the KKK, and the State of Utah’s response. I read about half the story during the show. Enough to raise a few questions. I'm sure there's more to it. There (almost) always is. Right? 

Impressive decision Kyler! Good luck!

Episode 71 - Fighting over Money!

Episode 71 - Fighting over Money!

April 27, 2020

Maryguenn Vellinga knows a thing or two about fighting. She's a professional boxer who operates Rise Boxing, a fitness studio with youth and technical programs here in Park City, Utah. She’s fighting to keep her gym in business.

Garrett Robertson knows a thing or two about finances. He operates Empyrian, a boutique consulting firm where he “provides CEO/CFO advisory services, conducts due diligence on behalf of private companies and VC's, and advises on growth strategy.” He’s also a “an avid blogger and humanitarian who believes the best way to build society and alleviate inequality is through embracing diversity.”

We’re part of a team (Summit Commerce Covid Collective) that Earl Foote (Nexus IT) and Todd Astill (Nerve.TV) put together to help people fighting through the current crisis. This episode contains some specific information about the best way for small businesses to access government relief funds, and some general information about dealing with creditors.

To be continued . . . . 

Episode 70 - Matt Barnes - Philanthropic Analytics!

Episode 70 - Matt Barnes - Philanthropic Analytics!

April 27, 2020

There was a lot of (mis)information swirling around Washington, D.C. long before I started playing “tag, you’re it” with my guest Matthew Barnes at 4th of July parties when Jimmy Carter was in charge, and just before the first agent orange class action lawsuits were filed. (Uncle Dick missed a few parties in the 1980s - probably too busy working.) 

Speaking of the President, since the White House cancelled today’s coronavirus briefing, I thought it’d be “worth the time and effort” to get caught up with Matt and hear about what he’s been up to at the State Department.

Matt is the founding partner of ASG Advisors which provides strategic counsel to companies, corporate executives, foundations, and public officials on maximizing their impact through philanthropy and thought leadership. ASG supports its “clients with sound research, intimate knowledge of best practices, thorough planning, and strong execution.”

In July, Matt was called to serve a special assignment with the U.S. State Department as part of PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief). He describes his work related to the AIDS pandemic and how he believes Dr. Deborah Birx’s experiences there can help us here. 

We talked about world supply chains and using “analytics” to maximize outomes, not just outputs. 

Keep up the great work Cuz! Proud of you!!