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Episode 63 - Jan Garbett, Another Utahn!

Episode 63 - Jan Garbett, Another Utahn!

February 25, 2020

I start the show by discussing a few historical Utah scandals, and examining a more recent (Olympic sized) one involving several Utah governmental agencies and claims that they defrauded the federal government through the procurement of Judicial Assistance Grants which they (we) may not have been entitled to receive. 

Jan Garbett joined me the second hour and explained why she should be Utah's next Governor. Jan "started and still actively runs an award-winning multi-million-dollar home building and construction company. In addition, Jan is a philanthropist, community activist, arts advocate, proud member of her church, human rights champion, and has been honored and recognized by the United Nations for the non-profits she has created and continues to develop."

Jan wants to change things in Utah. And, she seems to have all the right stuff, . . . including a heart.

Good luck Jan! 

Episode 62 - DJ Reyes and Vince Scarsella, Veterans!

Episode 62 - DJ Reyes and Vince Scarsella, Veterans!

February 18, 2020

An untimely sandstorm enveloped (Ret.) Colonel DJ Reyes’ helicopter during the very first phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, causing it to crash land. He survived that horror, as well as many other engagements, throughout his service in Iraq and Afghanistan. DJ is now committed to raising awareness for those veterans suffering from the effects of war. He’s lobbying lawmakers to nationalize Veterans’ Treatment Courts throughout the U.S. We discussed his military service, burn pits, agent orange, history and the importance of caring for our soldiers.

Thankfully, my second guest, Vincent Scarsella, hasn't had to fake his own death. (Not yet, at least!) Vince was a military lawyer (JAG), prosecutor in Erie County New York and served 18 years with the 8th Judicial District Attorney Grievance Committee where he went after bad lawyers. He’s now an author who has turned his legal experiences into a collection of books with the “Lawyers Gone Bad” series. The fourth book of the series – Pardon Me – will be coming out soon.

Thank you DJ and Vince. Great stuff!

Episode 61 - A High School Re-Union!

Episode 61 - A High School Re-Union!

February 11, 2020

Today's show was like a virtual step back in time! I graduated from John S. Burke Catholic High School a long time ago (1985), but some things never change. The school's co-principals now, Janice Obremski Clark and John Douthit, are making sure of it! Janice and John share their insights into what it takes to keep our school competitive and prosperous, both now and into the future. We spoke about the challenges facing educators/administrators, teacher turnover (or lack thereof), mental health, private tuition and whether the additional cost is worth it, which they think it is. 

Keep up the great work Janice and John!

Go Eagles!

R.I.P. Uncle Pat!

Episode 60 - Burgess Owens, A (Jet) Raider!

Episode 60 - Burgess Owens, A (Jet) Raider!

February 4, 2020

Super Bowl XV Champion Burgess Owens has been running his entire life. He ran while studying marine biology at the University of Miami. He ran for nearly a decade in the NFL in NYC and Oakland. And, now he's running for U.S. Congress, Utah, 4th District. (Apparently when he's not running, he's writing, lecturing, motivating, rehabilitating, etc.) We discussed his amazing life, the importance of family, education, socialism, Colin Kaepernick, Kobe Bryant, Facebook, the confederate flag, symbolism, history, etc. I tried pressing him on a few issues, and he pressed right back with his philosophies, life experiences and outlook. Toward the end I repeatedly tried to get him to share a memory of his single greatest play, but he kept avoiding the questions and just rambled on about being part of a winning team. Typical politician!

Good luck Burgess, but be careful with the hand-checking because you don't want to get called for pass interference this late in the game, and the rules have changed since 1981!


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