Talk with Ted - A Show About Nothing

Episode 11 - Kristen Ulmer, The Art of Fear

January 22, 2019

Aired: 1/22/19, 1640AM,, Salt Lake City

Unfortunately for her, Kristen Ulmer's memory of our 1988 encounter is much more vivid than mine. Makes sense. After all, I was sleeping while she was doing whatever it was that she was doing. This healing woman touched me in 1988 and did so again today, this time stretching 2,000 miles to do so. She's crazy intimidating, but don't be afraid of Kristen; after all, it took her more than 5 hours (5!!!) to ski a measly 2400 vertical feet AND she gets credit (Ski/Snowboard HOF) for going that slow. C'mon Kristen, keep up. (girls, ugh!) What? Are you afraid? Thanks Kristen. You're amazing! Let's talk about that heli-skiing trip to Alaska when I see you at the premier of "Voices of Fear" in SLC on Friday night. I'm not afraid of helicopters or avalanches, it's not like it's court or anything. But I'm not afraid to tell you that I won't be going on anything where all I have to do is "un-weight" to "ski". That scares me.

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